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Monday, 9.15.14 – Tracy R. Twyman – Occult Expert, Historian and Author

clock shavings9.15.14 6-7pm est live. Then on YouTube. Author, truth-outer, investigative journalist, Tracy Twyman joins us this program to discuss her latest book, an occult thriller. She has been hard at work for many months and has just completed, “Clock Shavings.” Set in a dank basement in Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 2001, two friends attempt to contact a dead French artist on the Ouija board as part of a research project about the Holy Grail.

Thus begins a 13 year adventure into the supernatural, following mysterious clues given to them from beyond the veil. Host, Scott Teeters and guest Tracy Twyman discuss all the amazing historical facts and research that make this occult mystery thriller come alive. Do not miss this interview!!!

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Wednesday, 9.17.14 Robert Morningstar, Investigative Researcher
and Speaker on UFOs and Hidden Science

Friday, 9.19.14 Bernie Suarez, Truth Researcher on 9/11 and Beyond

Past Week:

Friday 9.12.14 – Political Analyst and author, Dean Henderson-
Dissecting World Turmoil Headlines – ISIS, Ukraine and More

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Wed – 9.11.14 – Mike King
A Look Back at the Violent History of THE REDS from 1866 to 1933

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Mon – 9.8.14 – Mark McClandish on UFO Design
 (Reprise from July)

YouTube Click Below.7-28-14-Mark-McCandlish


YouTube Click Below. 9-5-14-Tim Swartz-RoadsideYouTube Click Below.9-3-14-Von-BraschlerYouTube Click Below.6-24-14-Weidner


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