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10 Superfoods You Can Add to Your Coffee

Heather Callaghan

Jesse Ventura: Military doesn't 'fight for our freedom' - Justin Peligri
(Read General Smedley Butler’s book, “War Is A Racket”)

Rocker Neil Young calls for Starbucks boycott over GMOs
(Starbucks parses words in response)

Report: Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes – Ashley Killough
(Al says, "You can say I'm not a great administrator. You can't say that I'm not committed.")

Steve Wozniak: The iPhone 6 is three years too late – David Goldman

Got BAKING SODA? 9 health Wonders of Baking Soda – Paul A. Philips

Government Snitches Can Be EVERYWHERE – Nadia Prupis
(If you don't know someone "well" careful what you say)

NYPD Upset They May Have to Abide by U.S. Constitution – Alan Salazar
(well doesn’t that just SUCK? It's a BUMMER, Man!)

Six Ways To Leave IN-YOUR-FACEBOOK - (Long overdue!)

Will We See Magnetic Stripe Credit &Debit Cards Go The Way of the 45 Record Player? - Jose Pagliery
(The new iPads have a built-in thumb print reader, too)

Crushed Classic Muscle Cars, Vettes, & Hot Rods - Vid

Gramps Cures His Cancer with Cannabis Oil
Christina Sarich

Here's How Zombie World Is Happening… SMART PHONES
Alastair Himmer

Henry Ford's Secret Lady?
(and CREEPY house too!) Pics

Officer D. DUCK On Duty In Fort Lee NJ, Serving and COLLECTING
Melissa Melton

What the Creators of ObamaCare Debacle REALLY Think of the American People
Dylan Stableford
(STUPID is, as stupid does… PLEASE, Insult us some more!)

GHOSTS: Are They Real, or a Creation of the Mind?
Buck Rogers

Media Deception: You Are Not Getting The Truth
Tim Watts
(this is a few years old, but it’s got a lot of good info)

Under Texas Bill, Cops To Collect Traffic Fines On the Spot Via Credit or Debit Card
Adam Salazar (We don't need no STINKING "Do Process!)

Self-Driving Porsche Not Only More Fuel-Efficient,
But Faster Than Humans Too

(Someday, we we remember how to drive a car???)

Five Surprising Reasons You’re Packing on Extra Weight – Jeff Roberts

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