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This Week:

Monday, 9.1.14 Reprise of Jay Weidner Interview
on His Latest Movie The Last Avatar
  Now  on YouTube HERE.

Wednesday, 9.3.14  Von Braschler:
Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter

Friday, 9.5.14 Tim Swartz:
Paranormal and Conspiracy Researcher and Author
More High Strangeness

Last Week:

Friday, 8.29.14 Bob Frissell:
The Lasting Impact of Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools

YouTube Click Below.

mystery schools____________
Wednesday, 8.27.14  Zen Gardner:
Woodstock Memories & This Insane World

YouTube Click Below.8-27-14-Zen-Gardner185

Monday, 8.25.14 Ancient Civilization Expert and Author,
Frank Joseph Returns: Plato's Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?

YouTube Click Below.


Friday, 8.22.14 Robert Morningstar:
Frank Sinatra and JFK Mafia Connections

YouTube Click Below.8-22-14-Morningstar

  Wednesday, 8.13.14 Frank Joseph:
Lost Colonies of Ancient America

 YouTube Click Below. 4-25-14-Frank-Joseph

Monday, 8.8.14 Dean Henderson:
Dissecting Today's World Headlines

 YouTube Click Below. 8-18-14-Henderson 

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