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Bob Frissell – Metaphysical Researcher and Author
On Final Initiation In the Great Pyramid

Guest-Lineup-2-27-to-3-16-72Monday & Friday 8-to-9 PM Eastern Standard Time
3-09-15: James Corbett – Geopolitics & World Events
03-13-15: Heather Callaghan – Health News You Can Use
03-16-15: Robert Sullivan – Cinema Symbolism:
A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies

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3.2.15 Guest: Tim Swartz:
Spontaneous Human Combustion
And Other Parts of "Strange America"

2.27.15 Guest: Frank Joseph:
World War II Turning Points

In the 1920s and 30s, what we call WW I, was called, “The Great War” because it was up to that point was the worst war, because it was the first time machines had been used on a mass scale with a viciousness never before seen. According to Wikipedia, the total casualties, both military and civilian were 37 million – that includes wounded as well as those killed in action. 
There was no “winner” in the sense that one side was “defeated.” Both sides were exhausted and decided to stop. But the Treaty of Versailles treated Germany as the loser and thrust upon her reparations that would have taken until the 1980s to repay. What was done in reality was that the seeds had been sewn for part two – about 20 years later – just long enough for a new generation to come along and fight another rich man’s war. 
Frank Joseph’s new book, “World War II Turning Points” is described thusly on Amazon…
“World War II Turning Points is an alternative history of mankind's most crucial military struggle. As such, it does not regurgitate the same, all-too-familiar versions of the past, consistently repeated by mainstream scholars since 1945. 
Instead, this unconventional revision, is the result of newly-discovered and often neglected information about the sometimes obscure men, bizarre weapons, under-appreciated decisions, forgotten blunders and near misses that really determined the course and outcome of the Second World War.”
Enjoy the interview.

2.23.15 Guest: Michael Horn:
The Spiritual Side of the Billy Meier Case

Michael and Scott talked about the Billy Meier case, but from a different perspective. Beyond the amazing Beam Ship photographs from Meier, there is a spiritual message that was given to Billy from his Plegarian friends. It is simple, yet profound. While the instructions are "simple" they are hard to do. And, they will probably sound VERY familiar.

2.20.15 Guest: Robert Morningstar: Conspiracy Scientist

Robert and Scott talked about the new documentary film from Francis Richard Conolly titled, "JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's trick." The film also features some of Robert Morningstar's research material concerning the BODY SWITCH of President Kennedy and Dallas police officer J. D. Tippett!


This film connects the dots from decades before the Kennedy Assassination to the actual assassination and those involved, to the present day "War On Terror" – sometimes referred to as the "Global War On Terror." Is it a stretch to conclude that we are now in the midst of World War III, but aren't recognizing it because it doesn't look like WW I and WW II???

2.16.15 Guest: Jon Rappoport – Investigative Journalist

Jon weighs in on the Brian Williams "breach of trust," from the perspective of someone that once worked in the Main Stream Media.


Imagination is the buried key that unlocks the door that exits from the Matrix. Jon Rapopport's Exit The Matrix series includes a presentation of the vital philosophy that underpins the limitless power of the individual. This is more than theory. It's a guide to exiting from the Matrix. Listen in to this interview as Scott Teeters has a conversation with the amazing Jon Rapopport.

2.13.15 Guest: Dean Henderson: A Geopoltical Analysis

2.9.15 Guest: Mike King
Mainstream News Media: Is It Dying
The Fall of Brian Williams & 10 Reasons To Hate The Super Bowl

2.6.15 Guest: Bernie Suarez
Mass Media, Sports and War Propaganda

2.06.15 Guest: Tim Swartz
The Paranormal World of Sherlock Holmes

Special Peace Parable Video Produced by FarOutRadio

1.30.15 Guest: Robert Morningstar
JFK Assassination Updates & Flying With the UFOs 

1.26.15 Guest: Zen Gardner
The View of America From Outside America
Reaching the Tipping Point – It's Up To Each of Us


The Shorter Version with Insightful Graphics:

1.23.15 Guest: Tim Swartz
Paranormal and Supernatural Author, Researcher

Now On YouTube. Click Below.

America's Strange and Supernatural History.


1.19.15 Guest: Mark McCandlish - Aerospace Illustrator
Trouble In Private Sector Space Flight?

ON YouTube – Complete Interview!!! Click Graphic Below.


First 14 minutes Only – on Tesla Motors
Enjoy This Graphic Rich YouTube Slideshow Video
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Is This Our Future???
The Spaceship Scene From Wall-E


Experts Claim Internet Privacy Will Be Nonexistant by 2025!

(Pssst… It already is…)

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