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  • July 27 – Mary Joyce on Secret Military Bases in South Carolina
  • July 31 – Robert W. Sullivan IV on Masonic Symbology Part 2
  • Aug 3 – Zen Gardner on New World Order "Aikido"
  • Aug 7 – Jim Fetzer on Book:
    So I Suppose We Did Not Go To The Moon Either? 


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Hired Experts to Confuse You About food


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Gloria Amendola
Mary Magdalene:
Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Jesus & Mary

Merrell Fankhauser
 Lemuria, The Land of MU, Legends From the Indigenous People of Maui Hawaii

Zen Gardner
 Dealing with Mass Mind Control as an Individual
& Discussing Full Circle Project: Making a Difference


More Recent Articles:

Duality Video

do not react in fear

Psychopaths In Culture

programming by Zen gardner


Recent Programs Now on YouTube:

Robert Morningstar
 Robert Morningstar Now taking the reins of UFODigest.com

 Tim Swartz
Mad Scientists of the New World Order

 Marc Allen
New Book,
 Tantra For The West: Living Your Dreams

 Robert W. Sullivan IV
The Royal Arch of Enoch: Masonic Ritual, Philosophy & Symbolism


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elite in power

Lie We Live

Mind the Matrix

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