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10.20 6-7pm est. Frank Joseph on Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age 

10.22 6-7pm est. Tim Swartz More on Mind Control

10.24 6-7pm est. Zen Gardner on The World is Waking Up

Frank Joseph Ice Age10.20 6-7pm est. Listen Live HEREFrank Joseph is back with us this program. Frank is hard at work on a new book that will be out in the Spring of 2015 – “Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age".

Are we due for another Ice Age? The last “Mini Ice Age, the “Maunder Minimum” that ran roughly from 1645 to 1715, was the stuff of medieval legends of astonishingly fierce winters!  We also hear Climate Change people are saying, “But the climate cools before it gets warm.” (if that makes any sense to you.) And then again, weathermen as of this month (October 2014) are saying, “The Polar Vortex is COMING BACK!” We’ll see.

In the mean time, Frank Joseph is with us – not as a prognosticator, but as a student of ancient history and inconvenient scientific research – the stuff that government-funded, university academic officials like to ignore. If that’s the case, then “WHO” are the “deniers”?


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