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Guests-3-13-To-4-3-72Monday & Friday 8-to-9 PM Eastern Standard Time

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3-27-15: Frank Joseph - Atlantis & The Coming Ice Age
3-30-15: Tim Swartz – An Evening of High Strangeness
4-4-15: Martin Grams - The Twilight Zone:
Unlocking the Door to a TV Classic

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3-23-15: Robert Morningstar
John F. Kennedy's Warning About Nukes 50+Years Ago
& Ukraine in 2015

3-23-15: Robert Morningstar
The Lunar Ecllipse/Spring Equinox/Full Moon Event
Lady Navy Commander Fired!
Who Was George de Mohrenschildt?

3.20.15 Guest: Dean Henderson:
Planned World War III In Urkraine -
The Dastardly Brit Royals &
The City of London Banksters

Newly Edited Jay Weidner Interview
One of Our Shorter Topic Videos…
Emphasizing Archons and Psychopaths
That Rule the World:

3.16.15 Guest: Robert Sullivan:

Hidden Meaning and Symbolism of Popular Movies-
The Matrix, Wizard of Oz, James Bond, Lord of the Rings

3.13.15 Guest: Heather Callaghan:
Health & Wellness Updates with Heather Callaghan

3.9.15 Guest: James Corbett:
Mexico's Dangerous Culture of Corruption &
Alternative Currencies

3.6.15 Guest: Bob Frissell:
Great Pyramid Initiation and Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools
Ancient Metaphysical Science

3.2.15 Guest: Tim Swartz:
Spontaneous Human Combustion
And Other Parts of "Strange America"



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