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This Week:

10.20 6-7pm est. Frank Joseph on Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age 

10.22 6-7pm est. Tim Swartz More on Mind Control

10.24 6-7pm est. Zen Gardner on The World is Waking Up


10.24 Zen Gardner on The World is "Waking" Up

zen gardner10.24 6-7pm est. Listen Live HERE

How the 99% are Becoming Awake and Aware is this program's topic.  Zen Gardner is back with us for another visit, for a check-up, from the neck up, as well as taking our heart temperature. He’s a deep thinker currently residing somewhere south of the border of the US of A. If you are tuned into the alternative media – websites and other radio programs – you have probably heard Zen, or read some of Zen’s material. His thoughtful articles are agregated all around the net because he is WIDE AWAKE and delivers from the Heart.

How do you walk the edge, not fall, and get sliced in half? Listen in for wisdom from Zen Gardner.


Allowing The Vibrational Change – Zen Gardner


10.22 Tim Swartz on MK Ultra Mind Control

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10.20 Frank Joseph On Atlantis and the Oncoming Ice Age

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