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5-22-15: Merrell FankhauserUFO Signals From Malibu
5-25-15: Zen Gardner Staying Sane In An INSANE Time
5-29-15: Andy RauschMovie Misadventures of Ed Wood

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5-18-15: Tim Swartz –
UFO & ET Hoaxes, Fake Dead Roswell Alien Photos
Presented at UFO Conference

5-15-15: Robert Sullivan IV – Cinema Symbology Pt. 3

5-11-15: Mary Joyce – Cherokee Little People Were Real

5-8-15: Bob Frissell Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, Pt 6

5-1-15: Tim Swartz – Mystery of Zana the Wild Woman from Russia

4-27-15: Robert Morningstar – A Far Out Conversation
Travis Walton Movie, Secret Space Program, A Rich Man’s Trick, Moon Monoliths

4-24-15: Xaviant Haze – New Book – Elvis Is Alive: The Complete Conspiracy


4-20-15: Katherine Chiljan – The Truth About Shakespeare & His Works


4-17-15: Robert Sullivan – Cinema Symbology, Part 2


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