1.10.13 Dean Henderson Is Stickin’ It To The Matrix!


Stickin’ It To The Matrix by Dean Henderson offers one man's view of and approach to simplified living.

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Dean-Henderson-FB-72Our guest is Dean Henderson, author of the new book, “Stickin’ It To The Matrix.” Dean and his wife Jill have authored and published six books – three written by Dean and three written by Jill. Dean’s books are titled, “Stickin It To The Matrix,” “Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf,” and “The Grateful  Unrich.”






Jill Henderson’s books include, “The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs,”

“The Garden Seed Saving Guide,” and “A Journey of Seasons.”






All of the Henderson’s books are available on their website. Click the graphic below.





Scott and Dean discuss Dean’s latest book, “Stickin’ it to the Matrix.” Here’s how Dean describes his new book,

My new book is this generation’s version of Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book.”

Funny and irreverent, the book is above all a practical step-by-step guide to both escaping and extracting from the matrix.

Dean Henderson's Simple HouseIn Stickin’ it to the Matrix, Dean offers the reader the same insights that allowed him to “retire” at age 28, move to the country and author this, his 4th book. The Hendersons live a simple life, unencumbered with many of the trappings that keep most modern Americans in the classic “Rat Race.” They are “Free Americans” living life on THEIR terms and they do not need millions of dollars and do not trade their spirit for a paycheck and a high overhead lifestyle.

This is a VERY interesting program that will make you think about the standard beliefs behind our so called American way of life.

PS – Comic Lilly Tomlin once said, “The problem with running in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a RAT.”

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Here is an excerpt from Dean’s book, “Stickin It To The Matrix” from Chapter 3 titled, “Housing”

Click Here for Excerpt on Housing.

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