1.17.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Author and Artist Jill Henderson

Life In The Ozarks with Jill Henderson

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Jill-Henderson-FB-72Our guest is author Jill Henderson. Jill’s husband Dean was on the program recently  talking about his new book, “Stickin' It To The Matrix.” Dean and Jill are both very thoughtful people and they’re both writers.

Jill has authored three books and will  present an overview of her body of published work. Jill’s book titles include, “The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs,” “The Garden Seed Saving Guide,” and “A Journey of Seasons.” Jill’s books are available on Amazon in print and Kindle form, as well as on the Henderson’s own websites listed  below.

Through hard work, bartering, odd jobs, and a willingness to fix up and sell houses, and move a lot, Jill and Dean have created an unusual modern life – they are free Americans. Both Jill and Dean are world travelers and Jill is also an artist and specializes in pet portraits and animal art. You can see samples of her sweet artwork HERE.


Jill is also very passionate about life in the Ozarks. You can visit her website, “Show Me Oz – The Very best of the Ozarks,” HERE.

Show Me Oz, another website of Jill's, offers a large directory of Heirloom Seed Sources, Regional Events in Missouri and Arkansas, as well as Farmers’ Markets directories for Missouri and Arkansas.








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