1.21.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Liz Severino, Animal Communicator

Dr. Liz Talks to and Listens to the Animals

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Liz-FB-Pets-GraphicOur guest  is author and animal communicator, Dr. Liz Severino. Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity which fits perfectly with the animal communication, spirituality, and energy work she does.

Schooled in multiple esoteric healing and energy arts, Liz uses her own unique blend of modalities based on the needs of any given situation. Her toolbox includes; Reiki, Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong Breathwork, Yoga, and many others. Dr. Liz is a “collector” of modalities that get results.

Dr. Liz discusses how she started her animal communication work and what the experience of “talking and listening” to animals is like for her and how it benefits our animal friends.

In the second half of the program we  be opened up the phone lines for our listeners.

Liz’s Websites:


Liz’s Books & CDs, Available HERE.







“Stories From An Animal Communicator” – 2-CD Set
“The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia” Book

“Breathing For Balance” – Audio CD

“Stories of transformation” – Dr. Liz co-authored this book (by invitation) along with giants Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Marie Diamond, Brian Tracy, Paul Sheele, Chunyi Lin, and others.

“Reiki The Healer’s Touch” – Book

“Diet To Raise Your Spiritual Level” – Book

To listen to the FREE Archive of the show, CLICK HERE!

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