1.25.2013 South Jersey Winemaker, Louis Caracciolo Bests California and France

Amalthea Cellars Winery of Atco NJ Beats the Best of French and California Wines

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Caracciolo-FB-72When we think of “fine wine,” we usually think of wines from France or California’s Napa Valley. Mankind has been making wine for thousands of years. There are red and white wines, fruit and desert wines, expensive wines and cheap wines. For many, wine with a good meal is essential. And for “special occasions” only a good bottle of Californian or French wine will do.

Until now.

Yes, there’s a new kid on the block in the world of fine wines. Surprise, surprise, it’s Southern New Jersey! Master wine maker and food scientist, Louis Caracciolo, owner of Almalthea Cellars in Atco, New Jersey is FarOutRadio.com's guest.

It turns out that the soil and climate of Southern New Jersey can produce exceptionally high quality grapes needed to make wine. But the grape is only the beginning of the process.

Lou Caracciolo took his Pratt Institute education in food sciences, blended it with the skills he learned from his immigrant italian grandfather from the “Old Country". His skill, ehthusiasm and business sense helped him to take  the art of wine making in south Jersey to a new level.

“Liquid Louie” as he’s known around his winery, likes to wax philosophic about his life career as a winemaker.

He shares, “I came on the scene with an unlit torch and my grandfather passed the flame.”

Caracciolo will share his story with us and how he lead the charge to make Southern New Jersey wines truly “world-class” wines.

The Californians and the French were NOT happy when South Jersy went home with the ribbons! ! But Liquid Louie and his wine making associates in New Jersey were thrilled!


Almalthea Cellars / 209 Vineyard Road / Atco, NJ 08004

Telephone 856-768-8585

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