1.29.2013 Far Out Radio Talks with Physicist, Bob Schroeder to Solve the UFO Enigma

Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma, Part 2

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Bob-Schroeder-Pt2-FB-72Bob Schroeder is making his second appearance with us. You can catch his first visit  HERE.

During his first visit, Bob talked about the math and physics around the UFO phenomenon. In this visit, he elaborates on many of the common characteristics of reported UFO sightings and close encounters. While not every sighting or encounter report  includes these experiences, there are numerous common occurrences that include:

  • A “light glow” around the craft.
  • “Portholes” along the sides of the craft.
  •  “Shimmering” around the craft.
  • Occasional “semi transparent appearance” of crafts.
  • Electro-mechanical machines that stop functioning.
  • “Stopped” clocks.
  •  The experiences of a “suspension of time perception.”
  •  Crafts that seem to just “blink out.”

  •  Crafts that seem to “shrink, then blink out.”
  •  Rocks and debris that seems to “float up and are drawn
     to the bottom of the craft.”
  •  The complete absence of a “sonic boom” from crafts
     that are moving at a high rate of speed.
  •  An audible “crackling sound.”
  •  Radar evidence indicating speeds of thousands of
  •  Drastic directional changes while at very high rates of
     speed, such as drastic right-angle turns within short
  •  Crafts that seems to be projectile resistant.

Bob explains how “strong gravitational fields” along with the creation of “micro black holes” and not “anti-gravity” (a popular theme in science fiction) are a more likely explanation for the observations bulleted above.

Thinking Caps Required!

“Solving The UFO Enigma”  the book is available HERE.

Enjoy the YouTube Version of Bob Shroeder's first interview with us.


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To listen to the FREE Archive of this show, CLICK HERE!

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