1.30.2013 Master Herbalist, Jeannie Francis on Natural Ways to Get and Stay Well

Far Out Radio Talks with Jeannie Francis on Holistic, Herbal Approaches to Well Being

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jeannie francisFBOur guest is Holistic Practitioner – Master Herbalist, Reflexology Therapist, Reiki Master and Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis. Since cold and flu season, along with wacky weather, is upon us, Jeannie talks about easy-to-follow ways to help stay healthy.

But in the mean time, it’s good to know what to do at the first sign of getting sick and how to start taking action. We  cover how to keep from getting sick and how to treat yourself and loved ones  and to possibly avoid those expensive doctor office visits.

But stuff happens, and sometimes we do get sick. And depending on your environment and circumstances, it can be difficult to avoid the onslaught of germs. So what can we do to keep from getting sick?

And when we start to get that scratchy feeling in the back of the throat or the achey’s start to set in, what can we do to nip it in the bud?

Jeannie Francis is an expert in herbal remedies. Jeannie offers a class called, “Family Herbaling Class.” It is a one year class that meets on the third Sunday of every month. In each class, Jeannie explores between five-to-seven herbal plants.

The class includes a wild harvest, instruction on how to preserve, and use over 70 plants. She teaches Folk, Native American, and Chinese remedies.

jeannie francis2She also covers the benefits of fermented food, such as pickles, sauerkraut, yogurts, kiefers, and more.

For most of us, if you are willing to remove toxic, fake foods and drinks from your diet, and start eating and drinking clean, natural foods, your body will do the rest and you will be on the road to good health.

Jeannie will back again in mid-February to talk at length about developing your intuition. And later in the Spring, Jeannie will be with us again to talk at length about her comprehensive Family Herbaling Classes.

Click the Graphic Below to Visit Jeannie's Website to find out more about her services, classes and  natural products.

Jeannie Francis


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