1.31.2013 Dean Henderson, Author of Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf


We Get Real and Find Out What Is Real in Our GeoPolitical World with Political Activist Dean Henderson

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Dean-Henderson-2-FB-72Our guest is author and  political activist, Dean Henderson. Dean and his wife Jill have written and self-published six books, three each.  Dean was with us on January 10 and Jill was with us January 17, and you can catch both of their visits in the archives section at FarOutRadio.com. We invite you visit his website, it’s DeanHenderson.Wordpress.com.

On his last visit, Dean shared his latest book, “Stickin It To The Matrix” which is Dean and Jill’s personal story and really a roadmap to freedom.

On this visit, Dean discusses his book, “Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network" published in 2010. This is a BIG book, 445 pages and 1.6-pounds. And with over 900 source footnotes, Dean’s got it pretty much covered! World History, politics, power, motive. it's packed with the real deal.

The book is available on Dean’s website, DeanHenderson.Wordpress.com, as well as Amazon.com, AND it’s available as a Kindle book, so if you like what you hear this evening, you can be reading Dean’s work within minutes after this program.

Also, Dean has become a regular on PressTV, He’s a featured columnist at Rense.com, VeteransToday.com, and he has LOTS of videos on YouTube. Dean’s latest VT column is titled, “Noriega, Pan Am 103 & The Lizard Kings” and is a real EYE POPPER!

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Dean Henderson On PressTV on the Banking Cartel.
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