On Far Out Radio – Special Guest Jeff Rense on The Topic of Talk Radio


With talk show host Jeff Rense, discussing the dynamic force called Talk Radio!___________________________________________

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renseOur guest is Jeff Rense, founder of Rense Radio Network, and editor and chief of Rense.com. Jeff has had a long and distinguished career in broadcasting that spans over 30 years. He has been a news reporter and news anchor in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas

Jeff has brought his professional journalism skills to the medium of talk radio for the last twenty plus years with his five nights a week, three hour long, Jeff Rense Program. His journalistic credentials are only exceeded by his staggering archived collection of programs dating back to May 1994!

Our topic for this program  is “Talk Radio.” Jeff has seen it all and knows just about everyone who's anyone in talk radio.

We discuss how talk radio began, what it has become, Jeff’s contribution to the medium, and the direction Jeff sees talk radio moving into. Usually, we just “listen” to talk radio, without much thought about where it came from. So we look at how it became the dominant force it is today in radio. You may, after listening, come away with a whole new understanding of this dynamic medium.

Rense Radio NetworkFor news and information from around the world and to peruse news compiled from the finest news service sites on the net, CLICK HERE for Jeff's site.  Jeff Rense does not necessarily agree with all of the news stories posted. True journalism presents news and information for you to make your own conclusions. Think for yourself.

The Jeff Rense Program airs Monday thru Friday, 7pm to 10 pm Pacific Time. To listen live, CLICK HERE.

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