10/1/14 Tim Swartz, Author of Mind Stalkers: Mind Control of the Masses

Now On YouTube. Tim Swartz is back with us this program. We like to get together every few weeks and we always enjoy sharing stories of the strange and unusual. Tim is a researcher, writer, and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer/editor and has been into conspiracy researcher biz for many decades. You can keep up with Tim’s writing at ConspiracyJournal.com.

This program is the first part of a two-part conversation on the topic of Mind Control. In part one  we address the more overt forms of Mind Control – TV, advertising, the mass media, and social media for starters. In Part two in a few weeks, we'll address the covert forms of Mind Control – the dark stuff, such as MK-ULTRA, frequency manipulation, and other fun stuff.

Purchase Tim Swartz's book, Mind Stalkers: Mind Control of the Masses on Amazon HERE.


The BBC documentary "Century of the Self" is ESSENTIAL WATCHING to understand the topic of Mind Control. You can enjoy the filmmind control of the masses here… Century of the  Self.

You may Purchase the Kindle version of the Tim's latest book, The Ark of the Covenant, on Amazon HERE.

About Tim Swartz:

Tim Swartz is a researcher and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer and has been tuned into this issue for nearly 20 years. The subject of secret governments, shadow governments, hidden agendas, conspiracies and the existence of the paranormal is complex and has a history that goes back thousands of years. Scott and Tim always explore what is not obvious in everyday observations!

Tim's book “Evil Agenda of the Secret Government” and others are available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, HERE.

Sorting it all out, connecting the dots, and making sense of it all is not an easy or simple task but Tim has been at it for years!.

You can read Tim Swartz's articles at Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal website, HERE.


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