10/27/14 Bob Frissell-Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Secrets – The Right Eye of Horus

Now on YouTube.  Bob Frissell, author of “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” returns for another sparkling visit. Bob has been with us many times. During our last few visits we covered the basics of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School called, The Left Eye of Horus. This training was NOT for the faint of heart and was nothing like modern metaphysical mystery schools. The ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools required full dedication,and wasn’t something that was studied in one’s spare time.

The Left Eye of Horus was a total commitment, with the first phase of the training lasting 12 years! This was Emotional Body training and dealt with the positive and negative aspects of emotions and the Chakras. Yes, The Left Eye of Horus is the one with the "crocodiles in the pool with no light" test!

We briefly mentioned The Right Eye of Horus because the topic is HUGE. This is the arena that is known as Sacred Geometry, and includes: The Law of One, The Flower of Life, Metatron’s

 Cube, The Phi Ratio, The Fibonacci Spiral, The Golden Mean Rectangle, The Star Tetrahedron (also called

 The Merkaba), The Harmonics of Music, and The Chakra System.

10-29-14-Frissell for article

Yes, it’s math, so get a pencil. But if, when you were in high school, you struggled with plane geometry and algebra, relax, this is a lot more fun. Each one of the before mentioned aspects of The Right Eye of Horus is a complete course of study that is quite comprehensive and takes some time to understand and integrate.

So what we’ll be covering this program is best considered a "sample taste test." While each topic is separate, they all fit together. This is something that, if you plug your head into, may take years to understand and then some to "grok" the subtler aspects. It can be endlessly fascinating, and Bob Frissell is with us as our Master Chef for a tasty sampling of advanced metaphysics. If you have a hunger for learning, this should be a most excellent appetizer!

Most likely, Bob Frissell’s books have only scratched the surface. But if you too have the itch to know who we really are, what Life is all about, and the true meaning of UFO and Alien visits, our interviews (see the YouTube Playlist at Bottom) with Bob Frissell are the perfect way to start and will give you PLENTY to go, “Hmmm…” about.

Thinking Caps required! This is FAR OUT! –Scott

Be sure to visit Bob Frissell’s website at… BobFrissell.com.


Recently Bob Frissell updated his book, "Nothing In This Book Is True…" for the book's 15th anniversary in paperback and Kindle, available HERE.

Nothing in This Book Is True But it's Exactly How Things Are.
 Anniversary Edition. Description Article by Author, Bob Frissell.


About Bob Frissell

BOB FRISSELL, regular guest on FarOutRadio, is a master rebirther and teacher of thirty years, whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing in This Book Is True But It’s Exactly How Things Are, he is the author of Something in This Book Is True and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. His books are published in seventeen languages and are available in more than thirty countries.

Bob has been a featured speaker at The Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bengalore India, the 4th Annual Symbiosis Gathering at Yosemite, The Prophets Conference in Tulum, and many New Living Expos. He has also appeared on numerous talk shows, including The Jeff Rense Program and Coast to Coast AM. He has presented his workshops throughout North America and Europe.

He was trained by Leonard Orr, the rebirthing pioneer, and by Drunvalo Melchizedek, the originator of the Mer-Ka-Ba and Unity Breath meditations. He gives private rebirthing sessions along with his two workshops: “The Breath of Life (Rebirthing and Emotional Healing)” and “The Flower of Life (Sacred Geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba).” He lives in Sonoma, California, and can be contacted via his website, www.BobFrissell.com.

The Shift of Ages for Spiritual Consciousness – Bob Frissell

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