10/27/14 Heather Callaghan, Food Freedom Activist & Writer: How Does One Develop the Mental Habit of “Curiosity”?


Now on YouTube. Heather Callaghan, Food Freedom Activist & Writer, is back with us this program. She is part of a growing community of young thinkers, writers, and activists that have broken out of The Matrix and are using the blogosphere and social media as their bully pulpit for sharing information and ideas.

The persistent pattern of the material presented on her website NaturalBlaze.com is wonderfully explained in this short paragraph on her About Page …

"Our team is blazing a path to natural health and wellness. Each of us is a firm believ

heather curiosity

er that our bodies can heal themselves naturally of any ailment if given the proper tools.  But we're not just believers; we've experienced the healing properties of natural remedies first hand. That is why we are so deeply passionate to report natural health news, share wellness tips, and provide proven natural products to you."

We review some recent posts from NaturalBlaze.com, but we start with a story from October 7, 2014 titled, “Your Curiosity Fix is Enhancing Your Memory and Intellect.”  After reading the article it occurred to me that this is the foundation of Heather's work. A natural intense sense of curiosity that maps over into many topics and takes form in the written word.

So, how does one develop the mental habit of being "curious"? It's an interesting question and one that we usually never consider. And that's exactly where we go during this program with Heather Callaghan. – Scott

About Heather Callaghan:

Heather is an investigative writer for well respected blogs such as Activist Post. She is an activist for freedom, natural health, raw milk, real education, spiritual philosophies & empowerment. Heather also heads her own team of health and wellness writers over at NaturalBlaze.com. Heather is a regular guest on FarOutRadio as well as a FarOutRadio Columnnist.

You can keep up with Heather Callaghan’s work at, http://www.naturalblaze.com.

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