10/8/14 Mike King – Jacob Schiff, the Beginning of the Diabolical Federal Reserve in US & More


Now on YouTube. Our resident historian and author Mike King is our guest this program. Mike has a white hot passion for history, but not the stuff you see on The History Channel or were spoon fed in our public school’s history class. No, Mike, and all thinking persons, are most interested in the history the victors DID NOT write about. The parts they conveniently left out.The embarrassing, seedy, seamy, shifty, and criminal things they got away with.

A few weeks ago, Mike wrote, and stitched together with pictures, another fascinating essay titled, “Jacob Schiff: The Most Influential Man in U.S. History.” To begin to understand today’s world, it is ESSENTIAL that you get a basic understanding of the sequence of events in the former Tsarist Russia, the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks, the takeover of the American monetary system by The Federal Reserve, WW I, Stalin’s bloody Russia, and who the participants were behind all of this.

Jacob Schiff was a mover and a shaker that had a profoundly negative impact on America. It is almost impossible to calculate the damage this German immigrant did to our nation. He is largely a forgotten name in American history, but his story is worth knowing because it shows how a nation can be taken over.

Here is an excerpt from Mike's article:

"(In 1907) The New York bankers had artificially inflated the stock market with easy loans. When lending was then tightened, the bubble burst. Stocks crashed 50% and bank runs followed. The Zionist NY Times and the Wall Street bankers used the Panic of 1907 to make a case for establishing a European style Central Bank (as Karl Marx envisioned).Schiff

Nine months before the planned crisis, Jacob Schiff warned in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce that "unless we have a central bank with control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most severe and far reaching money panic in its history"."

The real history behind the takeover of the American economy is not what you find in school history books or mainstream news. Listen in as Scott and Mike open your eyes  to who is really in control and why.

Michael S King (aka Mike King), geopolitical and suppressed history researcher, is a regular guest here at FarOutRadio. We recommend you visit Mike King's site for free samples of his articles and books and also an opportunity to purchase the full PDF or hard copy versions of his latest book, The Talented Mr Putin. Mike's site also provides intriguing pictorial overview history lessons with leading characters from the power group that oversees the new world order.  TomatoBubble.com.