11/10/14 Mark McCandlish – Recent Private Sector Space Flight Disasters

Now on YouTube. Mark McCandlish is back with us this program. Mark was our resident aerospace expert. The week before last was a terrible week for the private space flight industry. On October 28 at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, what was supposed to be a routine resupply mission to the International Space Station by the Orbital Sciences Corporation, turned into a total disaster within seconds of launching.

Then a few days later, on October 31, the VSS Enterprise, the first Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two reusable space ship, exploded over the Mojave Desert. The pilot survived, though seriously injured, but the copilot was killed. Initially, company officials said the cause of the explosion was “an in-flight anomaly.” That’s tech-speak for “We don’t know.”

Mark McCandlish follows the aerospace industry the way most guys follow sports. And he’s with us tonight to share his insights into the industry in general, and the two recent disasters. When considering the future of space flight, it is important to keep in mind that we’re dealing with tremendous forces, such that when something goes wrong, it usually happens very fast and is usually fatal. These are ultra dangerous enterprises. So, it’s best not to jump to conspiratorial assumptions. – Scott

About Mark McCandlish:

Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries. He is a well respected researcher and ufo and aeronautics whistle blower who speaks at many conferences. His first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base in the State of Massachusetts, in the Winter of 1966 and he observed the craft through an 80 power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme velocity. Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science that would make such incredible performance possible, and he believes there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. He feels the sequestration of this technology has provided certain organizations tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.http://www.markmccandlish.com

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