11/5/14 Mike King – Post Mid Term Election and CFR Review


Now on YouTube. Our returning guest is analyst Mike King of tomatobubble.com. Topic: For our post Mid-term Elections show we spent the first half hour talking about the big change in power as a result of the Democrats losing the Congress. The president will get nothing done so will he resort to Executive Orders and risk impeachment? Does the Republican party have the stu-gots for impeachment, or is the tool of impeachment forever rusted shut and useless?

In the second half we talked about the very out in the open, very public, Council On Foreign Relations. This organization goes back to 1921 in the days of The Great War, aka, WWI, as an advisory group for world leaders. However, if you go to  Wikipedia… you can read the list of individual member and corporate members. In truth, this is the advisory group for what is generically know as "The New World Order" or "the Globalists." And unless its members are basically "on the same page" they DON'T get in.

This is what George Carlin meant when he said, "It's a BIG CLUB! And YOU AIN'T IN IT! That's right, you and I are not in THE BIG CLUB!" Mike and I could only scratch the surface. Do some independent reading and research, and get to know the members so that when you see them on the TV or in movies, you will know who they REALLY are. It's a fascinating topic!

Mike and I review the outcome of the mid-term elections and the reality of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Michael S King (aka Mike King), geopolitical and suppressed history researcher, is a regular guest here at FarOutRadio. We recommend you visit Mike King's site for free samples of his articles and books and also an opportunity to purchase the full PDF or hard copy versions of his latest book, The Talented Mr Putin. Mike's site also provides intriguing pictorial overview history lessons with leading characters from the power group that oversees the new world order.  TomatoBubble.com.