Too Many Celebrities Envision Violence Against Trump and the GOP (Videos)


Rich, hypocritical, elite celebrities, spew hate while The Left is preaching "Love Trumps Hate"

Dateline: 6.16.17 – It is so easy to sort out where the hate is coming from. There are more self-important, elite celebrities, but these 15 listed in a recent Breitbart article are the most grotesque. Robert De Nero's face is the biggest in the above graphic because he is on film saying that he wants to punch President Trump in the face. Nice talk, Bobbie!

Other celebs like to hurl homosexual insults at the president, which is ironic and hypocritical because Hollyweird people are oh so accepting and defensive of the homosexual lifestyle. De Nero's father was a homosexual, I can imagine how “accepting” Bobbie would be if someone threw a Steven Colbert-like insult at his Dad.

Here's the link for story by Daniel Nussbaum and Jerome Hudson…

One box office big shot that's not on the list is the former Governator of California, Arnold “Pinch-Bottom” Schwarzenegger.  He said that he too wants to punch President Trump in the face.

If he was a homegrown American citizen, he would be running for president. Imagine that!

Since the shooting of Congressman Steve Salise we have been hearing this bogus pontification that “both sides need to tone it down.” People have always said snarky things about presidents they don't like, but what's been happening since last November is unprecedented. The sore loser Left is now calling for assaults on President Trump, cruel, hurling heartless insults upon his family, and now calling for his murder, as we're seeing in the Shakespeare In The Park "Julius Caesar" play, depicting President Trump being bludgeoned to death.

This is HATE, and it is not coming from the Right. – Scott

Here are a few videos to consider…