2.1.2013 Corvette Restoration Expert Kevin Mackay Interviewed by Corvette Historian Scott Teeters


Kevin Mackay is the Corvette Generation 1, 2 and 3 Restoration King!

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Kevin-Mackay-FB-A-72Hello Corvette Fans! Our guest  is early generation Corvette restoration expert, Kevin Mackay. Kevin is the owner of CORVETTE REPAIR, in Valley Stream, New York (on Long Island), as well as an early model judge with NCRS – that’s the National Corvette Restoration Society.

Kevin and his team of specialists have had the honor of having brought back to life some of the most valuable, important Corvettes that ever existed – as well as the creation of some of the most unique automotive display pieces.

We talk to Kevin about his amazing career and creations – and to help this program come alive, Kevin and Scott  discuss many of the Great Corvette restoration projects listed below. So follow along!

1-Briggs Cunningham 1960 le Mans Class Winning 1960 Corvette

2-Purple People Eater 1958 Corvette Racer

3-CERV II – Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle

4 –1963 Pininfarina Rondine Corvette

5 – Roger Penske 1966 L88 Racer Corvette

6 – 1967 Le Mans 427 L88 Racer

7 – 1967 427 Drivable Chassis Corvette

8 – 1967 Elevated 427 Corvette Roadster

9 – 1969 Baldwin Motion Phase III GT Corvette

10 – 1969 427 ZL-1 All-Aluminum Engine Corvette

11 – 1969 427 ZL-1 All-Aluminum Engine

12 – Owens Corning 1968 L88 Corvette Race Car

13 – John Greenwood BF Goodrich 427 ZL-1 Corvette Racer

14 – Cut-Away Sunray DX 1968 L88 Racer Replica

15 – 1969 427 L88 See-Thru Drivable Corvette

15A – 1965 396 See-Thru Drivable Corvette

16 – Sideways 1971 ZL-2 Corvette Display Chassis

17 – Kevin Mackay & Artist/Corvette Collector Peter Max

18 – Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mackay

Kevin's Corvette Repair website has an awesome Portfolio Page with five sections, lots of slide shows and a Videos Page that you can enjoy, HERE.

Kevin talks about 2 of his recent restorations on YouTube


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