2.14.13 Charge up Your Intuition Skills with Intuitive, Jeannie Francis

Far Out Radio Talks with Jeannie Francis on Techniques to Rev Up and Tune in to Your Intuitive Skills

by Karen Teeters

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jeannie francisFBHave you ever had that feeling in your gut about what to do even though it may have not been “conventional” wisdom? And then your rational side kicked in and you said to yourself, “Nahh, I need to do what everybody expects me to do!” Then you realize later that the outcome from your initial gut feeling would have been much more desirable? Maybe it is time for you and I to develop that  inner voice, that  intuition we have been ignoring and learn from  talented holistic practitioner and intuitive, Jeannie Francis.

Our guest is Jeannie Francis, a successful holistic health counselor and psychic who has developed her meditation practice and intuitive skills to create success for herself and her clients. She shares her valuable insights to help you and I develop these powerful innate skills for stress free daily living.

In Jeannie's own words: “Meditation is a wonderful tool to use in one's life, but it is even more important in today's very stressing western culture. Today everyday life has many facets, expectations and roles."  She says that we may have a stressful career or possibly have our own small business. As a small business owner herself she is the one who holds the key to her business success, so she is often the chief, cook and bottle washer. She does all her business books, office cleaning, and acts as  her own receptionist and legal counsel. And then there is the personal life with more stressors.

enlightenedJeannie shares that In the midst of all this stress and responsibility, she  needed to find calm in her stormy mind. About 40 years ago she says she started a meditation practice to keep her thoughts in balance and her body in check, so that her creative spirit could take flight. Please join Jeannie and me today as she shares her approach to meditation for intuitive development, as well as  Native American journeys and other intuition nurturing tools to keep our Mind, Body and Spiritual selves in balance.

Click the Graphic Below to Visit Jeannie's Website Spirit to Sole Connection.com  to find out more about her services, classes and natural products. On her home page, take a look at the Workshops Section to the Right listing upcoming classes here in the South Jersey area on topics such as meditation, reading with Angel cards, intuition development and chakra energy. And Jeannie offers many other classes and services on holistic and herbal healing to keep your life more natural and balanced. She can coach you right over the phone as well.

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