2.15.13 Conversing with David Kimble, Author and Illustrator of New Corvette Racing Book


Author and Technical Illustrator, David Kimble Chats up his art, his new book, his love of Corvettes

by Scott Teeters

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David-KImble-FB-72Our guest is technical illustrator and author, David Kimble. David has a beautiful new book out titled, “Corvette Racing – The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans,” published by Motorbooks.

The Corvette is more than just a low-volume, 2-seater car from Chevrolet. Thanks to the extraordinary success of the C5-R and C6.R Corvette Racing Team, the Corvette has become General Motors’ flagship automobile. But it was not always this way. In the early years, there were many inside GM and Chevrolet that wanted to see the Corvette gone! And were it not for Zora Arkus-Duntov’s passion for racing, and his ability to excite and inspire others, the Corvette probably wouldn’t have survived the ‘60s.

While Duntov is known as The Godfather of the Corvette, the car’s racing success started out as a grass roots effort by regular guys that loved the Corvette’s good looks and the ability of performance Chevy engines to make LOTS of horsepower!

David Kimble has chronicled Corvette racing from its prehistoric days, as what was essentially a Chevy sedan, dressed up with a sexy fiberglass body and a hot rodded Chevy Stovebolt-Six engine, to a fire-breathing world class sports car that has won its class seven times in the last 12 years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Yes, Chevy’s Corvette has beaten the worlds finest sports cars in the most grueling and prestigious of all road races in motorsports.

2-David-Kinble-PhotoNot only is David’s “Corvette Racing” book wonderfully engaging, it has 155 color and 95 black & white photos, and is LOADED with dozens and dozens of David’s amazing color see-thru technical illustrations of Corvette engines, transmissions, chassis, and complete Corvette cars. Plus, there are a few of the Corvette’s classic competitors.

This isn’t just a book for Corvette fans. It is a book for anyone who appreciates motorsports and machines.

David has written hundreds of articles for Car and Driver, Road & Track, and other sports car magazines. In 2011 David Kimble enjoyed a complete sell out of his book, “Cutaway – The Automotive Art of David Kimble” published by Motorbooks. For a complete review of this amazing book, plus a slideshow of some of David’s art, CLICK HERE.

David Kimble’s new book, “Corvette Racing” is available, HERE.

Enjoy David's Art:






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