2.19.13 Mind-Bending Ways to Access Interstellar Travel from Physicist, Robert Schroeder

Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma and the Impact of UFO Technology on the Human Race

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Bob Schroeder has been on several times. You can catch his previous visits HERE.

Bob-Schroeder-Pt3-FB-72One of the more mind-bending topics we weren’t able to cover in Bob’s last visit has to do with the “TeV Brane” (the 4D world we live in) the “Planck Brane” (or the Gravity Brane) and space in between called “The Bulk.” On page 203 of his book, “Solving The UFO Enigma” Bob writes, “The key to fast interstellar travel is gaining access to The Bulk. Craft from other civilizations that we call UFOs appear to have done that.”

Definition of brane from the Oxford Dictionary:

an extended object analogous to the strings of string theory but having any number of dimensions rather than one dimension.


1980s: short for membrane.

warped geometry














Bob shares some fascinating stories and anomalies, including battlefield UFO sightings as recently as The Korean War in the 1950s, eye wittiness observations that sometimes craft seem to be semi-transparent, projectiles seem to be absorbed, and craft never, ever create a sonic boom.

 Will we be welcoming the Galactic Federation anytime soon? Possibly.

Thinking Caps Required!


“Solving The UFO Enigma”  the book is available HERE.

Enjoy the YouTube Version of Bob Shroeder's first interview with us.


To listen to the FREE Archive of this show, CLICK HERE!

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