2.21.13 Dean Henderson Talks Revolutionary Politics and Impact of the Global Poor


We Chat with Dean Henderson, author of The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries

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Dean-Henderson-3-FB-72Dean Henderson makes his his third visit with us tonight. Dean is the author of three books, “Stickin' It To The Matrix,” “Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf,” and “The Grateful Unrich.” Dean is a political activist and commentator, and he and his wife Jill are also world travelers, having visited fifty countries on six continents.

When you travel on a shoestring, you get to see and experience how regular people live. Needless to say, Dean has a unique world perspective.

Many have made the distinction that people around the world are essentially the same – they desire security, happiness, peace, and love.

grateful unrich

Official description of the book, The Grateful Unrich:

Covering fifty countries on six continents over a twenty-year span, Henderson asks the hard social, political and economic questions while vagabonding his way around the world. Invoking the wit and humor of Twain and the curiosity of Kerouac, he discovers himself, humanity and revolutionary politics through his encounters with God’s chosen people – the global poor."

The common denominator across cultures is that while the people are for the most part “good,” their leaders are too often maniacal and dangerous.

Seeing and experiencing that up close and personal from a wide variety of cultures has given the Hendersons what can only be called, “wisdom.”

Part Twain, part Kerouac, part Gandhi, and big part American pioneer, Dean will share with us his ideas on freedom and independence.

In his book, “The Grateful Unrich” Dean writes,

Happiness can only be attained through living in the now, and by picking yourself as leader of your own life, but of no other life. Some would call this Buddhism, some would call it Anarchy. I am beginning to know it as Love.”

A sage once said, “Perspective adds wisdom to any given situation.” Dean Henderson’s perspective is always mind expanding.

“The Grateful Unrich” is available HERE.

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