Corvette Historian Scott Teeters – A Career In Car Art


Dateline: 2.22.13

Karen Teeters Chats with Far Out Radio Host, K. Scott Teeters, Corvette Artist and Corvette Historian, author of The Illustrated Corvette Series, in Vette magazine

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Excerpt from the interview:

Many of you know K. Scott Teeters as the renowned automotive artist who has written and illustrated  for car magazines for over thirty years. He is most loved for his amazing Corvette art and writing in the monthly feature The Illustrated Corvette Series as published in Vette magazine since 1997. Here is an up front and personal interview with Scott featuring all the questions Corvette enthusiasts have wanted to ask him over the years.

Far Out Radio (aka Karen Teeters) – I’ve known you for a long time and I know you’ve been drawing and writing about your love, Corvettes for years. When did your love affair with Corvettes start? Who was responsible for introducing you to the world of Corvettes? What was you initial response and why?

ST – My older brother, Bob, is 7 years older than me. So from my perspective, he’s always looked like an adult. In ‘65 when I was 11 years old, he bought a used, blue ‘57 Chevy, 2-door coupe. It was just a regular ‘57 Chevy, but a sweet car. One day he asked if I wanted to go for a ride to Haddonfield Chevrolet (in Haddonfield, NJ) to get the car serviced. Did I want to ride with my long side-burned big brother in his ‘57 Chevy? YOU BETCHA!




















1965 Corvette Sales Brochure

When we got there, he told me to wait for him in the showroom while he went into the Service Department. On the showroom floor was a new ‘65 Corvette Coupe. The salesman could see that I LIKED what I saw and gave me a sales brochure. I wish I could tell you I still had that brochure, but no, it’s long gone. But that did it for me! From there, it was model Corvettes and LOTS of car magazines.

Listen in to the archived show for the rest of the story as to how Scott became a well known Car and Corvette Artist and Corvette Historian!

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Scott's recent Corvette Montage – Corvette Special Editions Tribute (Commemorative Stamp Style):

Corvette Special Editions Tribute by K. Scott TeetersPS-1-Sheet-Of-Stamps-BIGGER













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