2.26.13 Matt Goldberg, Humorist and Author Talks Writing and Wit


Matt Goldberg, Author of witty books, blogs, presentations, comedies and even jingles talks of his life, wit, humor and writing career.

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Matt-Goldburg-FM-72Our guest  is writer, author, and humorist, Matt Goldberg. Matt is the author of five books, “WORDAPODIA, VOLUME ONE” – An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, “ALL THAT TWITTERS IS NOT GOLDBERG” – Truthful Humor From a Vindicated Columnist, “SO SO WISDOM” – The Misplaced Teachings of So So Gai, and “MIXED EMOTIONS” – Poetry for the Open-Minded. Matt’s newest book is titled, “A SNOWBALL’S CHANGE” Philly Fires Back Against The National Media.”

Some people are naturally funny and usually have an unusual way of looking at the world. That’s why they tend to see humor where others don’t. But where does that come from? How is it developed? Many people are funny, but they’re not writers. Humor writing is a whole other skill level separate from being funny or having a good sense of humor.

Scott and Matt talk about the role humor has played in Matt’s life. Where did his sense of humor and unique view of life come from? What inspired Matt to become a writer? How about Matt’s involvement in Toastmasters and how it has affected his life?

Matt is also a prolific essayist with dozens and dozens of essays that you can enjoy on his TipOfTheGoldberg.com website. Last year, Matt Goldberg won the Toastmasters International District 38 (comprised of 150 clubs in NJ and PA) Speech Evaluation Contest – for the second year in a row!

Here’s what Matt has to say about his craft…


One warning: While others may tell a better knock-knock joke or rabbi/priest/minister tale, I’m not a joke teller, per se, but would define myself as a fairly serious person who has a hyperactive sense-of-humor. To that end, I would define a humorist as one who:

* has the ability to find the funny side of life and convey it through humor, irony and irreverence. I try to walk the line of being satirical without being sarcastic.

* looks at all the craziness in the world, and tries to establish some kind of order. Perhaps, humor writers and speakers are just control freaks with a couple screws that need tightening.

As a writer, much of my humor is spontaneous, and as a speaker, I love to improvise and work in collaboration with an audience. To that end, I am also available as a guest emcee. I can accommodate, and feel at home in front of, both small to very large groups.

Equal parts stand-up comic and inspirational speaker, I love to inspire people to laugh and smile a lot…and think just a little bit in the process.
– Matt Goldberg

Matt has LOTS of warm and humorous material covering many topics (especially sports) on his website, tipofthegoldberg.com, HERE.




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