2.28.13 Independent Bigfoot Researcher, Eric Spinner, Listens for Evidence

Sounds from Close Encounters with Bigfoot? You Decide. New Bigfoot DNA Research. What does it mean?

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Independent Bigfoot researcher and certified nutritionist, Eric Spinner is our guest. Eric was on the program recently and you can hear that Bigfoot topic interview HERE.

Spinner-Bigfoot-Pt2-FB-72As a special feature, we play some sound clips of what serious Bigfoot researchers claim are actual Bigfoot created noises or communication and our guest will clarify what we’re hearing!

Eric shares with our audience a bit of Bigfoot history through the centuries and he discussses his adventures over the years when he has teamed up with other Bigfoot researchers in several field expeditions.

The woods and the forests can be a strange place if you aren’t familiar with the sounds of Nature. But, if you spend enough time away from the sounds of civilization, it’s not too hard to identify the noises the critters make. But then, there are other sounds. Grunts, groans, growls, claps, knocks, and sometimes even SCREAMS.

Not all strange sounds are Bigfoot, obviously.

bigfoot dnaAnd then there are the small things that aren’t “dropped” on you from above, but seem to come from the side, or seem to have been lobbed from somewhere – over there. Items such as snapped off small twigs with what look like “nail marks” and even a few small stones. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen small stones lift up off the ground and go fly through the air, unless there’s a considerable wind blowing.

Yes, The Woods can be a strange place indeed. Eric and I talk about woodlands strangeness, as well as some recent  Bigfoot DNA findings and their controversial nature within the scientific community.

Special Thanks to BigfootSounds.com for use of the BigFoot Recordings.

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If you would like to call in with a Bigfoot question or share a story, do call in!

Here’s some campy Bigfoot fun! The official trailer for “Harry and The Hendersons

Preview on Youtube of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series:

Eric Spinner is easy to locate- At Health Haven II in Medford NJ
 Giving out Expert Health Advice
(and maybe a sharing of his adventures out in the woods
listening and looking for the big gentle creature!)

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