2.5.13 UFO Abduction Experiences of Terri Anderson


Life Changing Abduction Experiences Shared by Terri Anderson, an Average American from the Midwest

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Terri-Anderzon-2-FB-72Our guest is Terri Anderson. Terri was on the program January 25, 2013 and will be back to continue with her story.

Terri is an average American, happily living an American life in Kansas. Up until the early ‘90s, the then thirty-something Ms Anderson had no interest in UFOs.

That is, until one day she saw a large craft while driving to her Mom’s house. It seemed to follow her to her Mom’s house and then was witnessed at the home by her mother and brother as it hovered over the trees.

A short time later, she had an unexpected nighttime visit by a “tall, sparkling being” but there was no interaction.

For most of us, that would be experience enough for a lifetime. But things went to the next level – it got personal. When we sleep at night, it’s not uncommon to get a little chilly and reach for the blanket to pull up around us.

But one night when Terri reached for her blanket, she realized that it wasn’t her “blanket,” it was a thin, cold, cover and she was on a metal table. She was not in Kansas any more.

While the details of Terri’s accounts differ from those of others, there are indeed similarities, as detailed by famous UFO abductees and authors, Jim Sparks, Whitley Striebler, and others. Terri will share with us her initial conscious experience “on board,” how it impacted her life, and how she researched the experience.

alienLike many abductees, she first thought she was “going crazy.” But after extensive psychological testing by one of UFO/abductee researcher John Mack’s associate Fowler Jones, it was made clear to her that this was not as issue of her sanity.

While today she is totally okay with talking about her experiences, there was a time when she was NOT okay.

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