2/23/15 Michael Horn on the Spiritual Side of UFO Contactee Billy Meier


Michael Horn is the official American representative for, UFO contactee, Billy Meier, a man who is arguably THE most controversial figure in the world of UFOlogy. If you are new to this topic, you may be wondering, “WHY?”


Prior to the publication of the photographs taken by Billy Meier, photos of UFOs were typically grainy and usually slightly out of focus. This was due to relatively slow speed film and hobby quality cameras that at best, delivered photo quality that was “just okay.” UFO researchers used to lament, “If only more people had better cameras.” 

Today, we have the opposite problem. Nearly everyone has easy, inexpensive access to very good quality cameras (compared to the olden days) Digital is great, but digital can be manipulated with easy to use computer software. So, we’re almost back to the beginning when it comes to photographic “proof.”

But the Meier photos are SO CLEAR, they’re almost “too good!” And while many have claimed, “FAKE!” no one has been able to scientifically dispute the authenticity of the images. 

But there’s a LARGER STORY here. The “photographs,” while they are compelling, are a DISTRACTION to a larger story. And that LARGER STORY, is the spiritual message found in Billy’s writings. Billy’s extraterrestrial friends, the Plajarans, shared with him a better way to live. OBVIOUSLY, the way we’re doing it, AIN’T make’n it! It seems that the Plejarians have been at the game of sentient life a little longer than we have. They are Human and they’re trying to give us a hand up” but not with “technology” but with “how to live as highly evolved beings.”

Make no bones about it, we are under the spell of TECHNOLOGY. 

Anything wrapped up in the packaging of “technology,” even if it’s BAD FOR US, (such as nuclear energy) puts us in a trance that’s almost exactly like Smeagol’s “MY PRESCIOUS!!!” from The Lord of the Rings stories. 

Since the spiritual aspect of the Billy Meier material hardly gets any attention, I thought it would be fun and interesting to have Michael Horn with us to tell us “THE REST” of the Billy Meier story.

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Scott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio interviews the official American representative for UFO contactee, Billy Eduard Meier.