2/9/15 Mike King, Mainstream News Media: Is It Dying? Super Bowl & Brian Williams


Mike King, our resident historian, author, and watchdog of the media, ESPECIALLY The New York Slimes, Mike King is our guest this program.

First, we took a look at the stunning story that Mr. Squeeky Clean” Brian Williams of NBC News has been lying for almost 12 years about an incident that he claimed he was part of during the Iraq war. He had even referenced the experience the week before he was outed. Now, many of Williams’ claims are being examined. He has temporarily stepped down so that things can “cool off” but was he thrown under the bus for some unknown reason? 

This makes a “thinking person” wonder not only about Brian Williams, but the entire news media. 

Then we took a look at the most recent Super Bowl. Mike published a powerful piece at TomatoBubble.com titled, “10 Reasons to Hate the Super Bowl.” We took a walk through Mike’s article to elucidate the ways the (sports and other media) media is used against us. 

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