An In Depth Look at Personal Growth & Goal Setting from Author Scott Teeters


Far Out Radio Host Karen Teeters and Personal Growth author Scott Teeters  discuss Goal Setting – It's Role in the Personal Growth Movement and Practical Techniques that Work.

Dateline: 3.8.13

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Scott-Goal-Setting-FB-72Our guest is our own Far Out Radio Host, author and artist Scott Teeters. Scott just put together the the final touches on his own self illustrated, 28 page, 6,000 word ebook (FREE) on essential skills for goal setting titled:

"Far Out Goal Setting."

Snippets from a section on goal setting techniques  written by our guest Scott Teeters:

…."In years past, business consultants were teaching clients the value of making “to-do lists.” Lists are great, you’ll be making LOTS of lists as you work your goal setting process. But a list without priorities based on what is valuable to you, can keep you very busy doing things of little importance. In the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, to-do lists helped America get a lot done. Remember, any method is better than no method.

When I first stumbled on goal setting in ‘72, it had been taken to the next level by setting goals on everything you want to “be, have, and do.” Then in the mid ‘80s the formula moved up a notch to understanding that we all need to be well-rounded people. So, people were taught to set goals in many areas of their lives, not just their career. We’d been hearing an awful lot about men and a few women who were “workaholics.” It was almost talked about like a disease. But what that did was bring our awareness to the fact that to be a whole person, we need to have goals in many separate areas of our life.

goal setting-scottIn a course I experienced from the Dennis Waitley Organization there was an interesting self-test that looked like the spokes of the wheel  Listed were  separate “aspects” of a complete “you.” We were to think about each aspect and ask ourselves, “On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least and 10 being the best) how am I doing in this area?” After you are done asking the question within each aspect, you connect the dots. No one ends up with a perfectly round graphic, There’s no right or wrong, it just shows you where you might be out of balance."

…."A more recent understanding on Goal Setting has a spiritual foundation, based on my reading of  the “Conversations With God” Series, by Neale Donald Walsch. I consider this, the next level in goal setting and one that works in conjunction with all of the other goal setting tools available. CWG reminds us that the greatest desire of our Soul, is to turn “concept” into “experience.” Our Souls seek to have “beingness” experiences. All of the things we “do”, we do so that we can “be” a certain thing. This is subtle, but very deep, and it may take some time for it to truly sink in…"

In this interview we explore the story behind Scott's interest in personal growth and goal setting and how he was inspired to write about his discoveries.

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