3.15.13 Pat Ganahl, Author of Lost Hot Rods-Remarkable Stories of How they were Found


The Old "Hot Rod In The Garage," Story!

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Pat-Ganahl-FB-72Our guest is Hot Rod historian Pat Ganahl. Hot Rodding is a uniquely American form of motoring. Part speed machine, part drag racer, part custom car, and big part old car.

There’s literally nothing like them anywhere else in the world. Born on the lake beds of Southern California in the 1920s, hot rods were fast, loud, and dangerous. And of course, that was their appeal.

Things seriously began to take off in hot rodding in the post WW II years when drag racing began to get organized and a new publication hit the news stand – Hot Rod Magazine. Within a few years car magazines such as Rod & Custom, Car Craft, and others set the imaginations of young men and boys on fire with creativity.

Hot rods and custom cars became a new mechanical art form. These new artists used metal, fiberglass, paint, and lots of Bondo to create one-of-a-kind, drivable, usable, and very enjoyable rolling art.

Hot-Rods-6One of today's foremost hot rodding historians is Pat Ganahl. Not only is Pat a hands-on hot rodder, he’s been a writer all of his professional life, as well as the editor of Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder Magazine, and Rod & Custom Magazine.

Hot-Rods-Books-6Pat has authored over 20 books on the topic of hot rodding. He has covered the history of hot rodding, many how-to books, and personality bio books about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth (of the classic Rat Fink fame) and pin stripping legend, Von Dutch. Pat is also a contributor to the beautiful, Rodder’s Journal publication.

Pat talks with us about the history of hot rodding and his fun books “Lost Hot Rods” and “Lost Hot Rods II". Every hot rod and custom car has a story. A few live long and pampered lives, many end up as old heaps, and some end up at the edge of a scrap yard, only to be brought back to life.

Pat Ganahl’s book, “Lost Hot Rods” is available, HERE.
And “Lost Hot Rods II” is available HERE.
Pat is also the author of “Ed “Big Daddy” Roth: His Life, Times and Art” published by CarTech Books, is available HERE.















































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