3.22.2013 Keith Cornett of CorvetteBlogger.com Blends Corvettes & Blogging

Scott talks with CorvetteBlogger.com and VetteFinders.com owner, Keith Cornett about the love of Corvettes and how to create a successful online magazine in the world of blogging.

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CorvetteBlogger-FB-72Our guest is Keith Cornett, a modern Corvette guy. He has a deep appreciation for the car’s long and rich past and even owns his Dad’s tuxedo black 1966 Corvette 327 small-block Roadster. And he knows his way around modern Corvettes too and has blended his passion for Corvettes with his passion for the internet and the blogosphere.

Keith is the owner of one of the most successful Corvette blogs in the Corvette community. CorvetteBlogger.com is updated several times a day with varied, interesting, feature-filled posts that are always fun to check out. You never know what you’ll find when you go to CorvetteBlogger.com – videos, slide shows from car shows, interviews, sales stats for Corvettes, Chevrolet press releases, auction results, quirky Corvette items, unusual Corvettes on eBay, Vettes in the news, personality features, and on and on.

Keith has created an online Corvette magazine that’s updated every day! That’s what makes it fresh, exciting, and fun. This show we talk with Keith about his intense interest in Corvettes and how he blends it with his passion for the internet, websites, and eventually blogging. But if we set aside the razzle-dazzle of Corvettes, what Keith has done with his passion could be applied to anyone’s passion.

This is not an overnight, get rich quick thing. But part of true success is being involved in something you truly love. While the general flavor of the conversation will be Corvettes and cars, we talk about blogging and websites emphasizing that what Keith Cornett has done, so can you!

CorvetteBloggerIf you have a computer, basic skills, a digital camera, a willingness to learn new things and LOTS of tenacity, you can create YOUR unique niche on the world wide web! What we’ll be presenting can be applied to ANYTHING!

You can visit Keith Cornett’s CorvetteBlogger site HERE.

And you can see Keith’s VetteFinders site, HERE.  And if you happen to be looking for a previously owned Corvette from ANY generation Corvette, you just might find what you’re looking for!

CorvetteBlogger YouTube Channel, HERE.

Keith Cornett interviewed…


Keith Cornett interviews Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter at 2013 NAIAS.


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