3.26.2013 Dr. P M H Atwater, Author & Researcher Discusses Her New Book, Children of the Fifth World


In this Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness, Dr. P. M. H. Atwater outlines six generations and provides us with an invaluable resource for parents and kids.

or Making Sense of “Kids Today.”

PM H AtwaterOur Guest is  Author & Researcher, P.M.H. Atwater. During this show she discusses themes from her  new book, “Children of the Fifth World".

One of the fun things about being an aging Baby Boomer is finding yourself thinking and saying things, then hearing a faint echo… from your distant past… The echo of similar things you heard when you were a child, things said by your elders… It usually starts off with, “Ya know… These kids today…” And then it goes on from there…

When I was in high school, I had a hip, young English teacher named Mr. Thompson. The girls all looked at him with dreamy eyes, but he could talk football with the guys, so he was okay. One day Mr. Thompson read an essay from one of the ancient Greek philosophers. The funny part was that this ancient Greek writer was complaining about “kids today.” Yes, it’s an age old issue.

However, there is no doubt that there has never been a time like this. In the ‘60s I thought color TV with three extra UHF channels was a big deal! Today we have hundreds of cable channels, the internet, YouTube, YouTube Channels, (don’t forget to check out Far Out TV on our right sidebar of course! :>} ), social media, smart phones, texting, sexting, sex-ed for kindergartners, alternate lifestyles, mommies and mommies, daddies and daddies, teen mommies, trans gender, metro males, unisexuals, asexuals, prescription drugs for every conceivable condition and maladies from hemorrhoids, to anger management to shyness…

Then the faint echo from my past becomes amplified and falls out of my mouth as, “KIDS! What’s the matter with kids today???”

That’s when you know Geezerhood is upon you. That’s when you know you need help. If you too sometimes feel lost when it comes to understanding “kids today,” perhaps we can provide some light, some understanding on the issue. P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. has made a comprehensive study of the positive and negative aspects of Generational Signatures (attributes). Much of the “rub” comes from the clashes of these various signatures.

Dr. Atwater outlines six generations from 1901 to the present, and a seventh projected generation. Understanding the Lay of the Land for each generation is essential and it is important that we don’t just look at either the negative OR positive aspect of each generation. It would be a good thing to eliminate all pedestals for the positive and all total condemnation for the negative.

Children of the Fifth WorldYou may think that Dr. Atwater simply outlines the observable differences. She also offers up brilliant First Aid For Puzzled Parents that is worth considering and discussing.

This will be a very interesting conversation with the brilliant mind of Dr. Atwater.  She will be back on April 2 for Pt 2 of our conversation about her new book, “Children of the Fifth World.”

P.M.H. Atwater’s website.

P.M.H. Atwater’s Wiki Page.

“Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness” is published by Bear & Company. The paper and Kindle versions are available at Amazon.com,

Dr. Atwater has authored 14 books, most of which are available, on this Amazon Page.

Dr. P.M.H. Atwater will be back with Far Out Radio on April 2, 2013  to cover more topics from her amazing new book! Please join us for more lively conversation with this genius of a woman!

“What’s The Matter With Kids Today?” from the 1963 film, “Bye Bye Birdy”

And for a bit of contrast, “What’s the Matter With Kids Today?” from the band, NoFX.

Notice much difference?

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