3.4.2013 Pet Psychic Dr. Liz Evaluates the “How” of Healthy Pet-Owner Connections

Pets and their owners have healthier connections when their relationship "contracts" are in order!

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Liz-FB-Pets-GraphicOur guest is author and animal communicator, Dr. Elizabeth Severino. Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity which is perfect for connecting to the divine for the animal communication, spirituality, and energy work she performs for her clients. While Dr. Liz consults with people from around the globe on matters of health, spirituality, life goals, and challenges, what gives her the most satisfaction is her work with animals.

When Dr. Liz was last with us we talked about ways to improve our communication with our animal friends. Often it is US that don’t “GET” what our animal friends are trying to tell us. We covered that like humans, some animals are highly intelligent, and others not so.

We talked about a horse that didn’t want to stud any more because he didn’t like being bitten, but would agree to “go back to work” for apples. Everything was fine, until the owner forgot the apples and the horse said, “I didn’t get my apple.” Dr. Liz shared a story about a client with a parakeet that loved to count numbers and could speak hundreds of words and use them in coherent sentences! We also talked about how animals grieve and what we can do to help them.

Dr Liz Severino and Dog friendYes, animals have complex inner lives. They have feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and even opinions. When you bring an animal into your home or your life, whether a dog or a cat, or a horse, you form a relationship with the animal. We make certain agreements, or spiritual contracts with our new animal friends. Being “clear” about the agreement and living up to the agreement is the foundation for a happy relationship with our pet or animal friend.

And really, what more could we want? Dr. Liz and I will be talking about the nature of our animal agreements, how to establish them, how to maintain them, and even how to change them, if need be.

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