3.7.2013 Victoria Pendragon on Goal Setting-Techniques For Achieving Your Dreams and Aspirations

Far Out Radio Host Scott Teeters and Personal Growth author Victoria Pendragon  discuss Goal Setting – The Surfer, The Mountain Climber, and Other Models and Techniques For Achieving Your Dreams and Aspirations

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Victoria-Pendragon-2-FB-72Our friend Victoria Pendragon is our guest and we talk about some of the material in her new book, “Sleep Magic: Surrendering To Success” published by Ozark Mountain Publishing in 2012.

Victoria was with us recently and you can listen to that show about dreams HERE.

 Victoria shares with us her unique approach to “Goal Setting” a concept known as, “The Surfer and The Mountain Climber” approach. Traditional, classic goal setting usually involves making lists in various areas of your life, then prioritizing those goals, and creating action steps to move towards the fulfillment of those goals.

Surfer-Mountain-ClimberVictoria and I discuss different approaches to the classic dilemma that men and women have been dealing with, probably forever: how to make something of your Life. You can live at the effect of outside occurrences – you know, waiting to see how things turn out.

Or, you can choose to be decisive and then proactive. It doesn’t mean that every project or enterprise will turn out as you wished. But at least you’ll be moving towards your worthy goal, somewhat on your terms.

You can visit Victoria’s website, HERE.

Her book, “Sleep Magic” is available HERE.

You may check out my recent  Far Out Blog on goal setting and spirituality, HERE.

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To listen to the FREE Archived Show, CLICK HERE!

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