3/13/15 Natural Health Activism Updates on Vaccine, GMO Controversies with Heather Callaghan


Heather Callaghan is back with us this program. Heather Callaghan is a health and food activist and posts regularly on her website, http://www.NaturalBlaze.com. 
We talked through a few of her recent posts covering the following:
There is a new documentary that addresses the dangers of vaccines and it's titled, "Bought." We talked briefly on the issue of fluoride in the water and ways you can protect yourself. Heather wrote a piece on the new GM soybean oil and how it's supposed to be better than regular soybean oil, which is already pretty bad stuff. Neither compares to the king of good oils, coconut oil.

In the, "This is Just Plain STUPID" department, we talked about the push to have brainless "traffic light" labels on packaged food. 
And just to show that not everything posted on NaturalBlaze.com is ringing the fire bell, Heather shared with us how with some chocolate, an aluminum can, kindling, and sunlight, you can make fire!
If you have signed up for the NaturalBlaze.com newsletter you know that the thoughtful, useful essays and articles from Heather and her contributors are impressive in their volume and scope of topics.
No matter the topic, be it social commentary, political, health, personal education… WHATEVER, after reading one of Heather Callaghan’s essays, you’ll be saying to yourself, “Huhhh!” 
Heather is part of a growing community of young thinkers, writers, and activists that have broken out of The Matrix and are using the blogosphere and social media as their bully pulpit for sharing information and ideas. They are also part of what I call, “The New Media.” 
Yes, thanks to easy-to-use blog/website platforms, such as WordPress and the magnificent video distribution network, YouTube, if you are willing to spend your time and a very small amount of money, and you speak and write clearly, you can have a voice and share your findings, insights, perspectives, fun stuff… WHATEVER. 
So, as the wheels are falling off of the big, traditional, top-down media networks, its an amazing and exciting thing to see people such as Heather Callaghan and her cast of contemporaries create a new way.
On the About Page at NaturalBlaze.com… it says…
Our team is blazing a path to natural health and wellness. Each of us is a firm believer that our bodies can heal themselves naturally of any ailment… if given the proper tools.  But we're not just believers; we've experienced the healing properties of natural remedies first hand. That is why we are so deeply passionate to report natural health news, share wellness tips, and provide proven natural products to you.”
Now that’s an awesome… mission statement!
You can follow heather’s work here… http://www.NaturalBlaze.com
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