4.01.13 Homeopathic Practitioner and Author, Jana Shiloh on her book HeartFusion


Far Out Radio Talks with Jana Shiloh on her amazing process of imprinting water to heal deep traumas.

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Jana-Shiloh-FB-Graphic-72Our guest is Jana Shiloh, Homeopathic practitioner and Author of the transformative book titled HeartFusion™ The Magic of Imprinting Water for Healing.

Jana, now living in the magical energy of Sedona, AZ has been practicing vibrational medicine and homeopathy for over 30 yrs. She has taught homeopathy internationally and nationally, and also at the University of Arizona Medical school in a special postgraduate program co sponsored by Dr. Andrew Weil.

She has been named Honorary Homeopathic Clinical Associate to Dr. Ronald Davey, former physician to the Queen of England. And she is the author of two other books on her much loved practice of homeopathy.

Her book “HeartFusion™ looks at  emotional transformation. Her  radical new approach goes one step beyond Emoto’s work with crystalline patterns in water.

By introducing little known concepts in homeopathy, and incorporating them with the meditative process, Jana finds that a person can experience relief of deep emotional patterns and blocks. Her  process can be accomplished alone or with a facilitator. Many clients share that there is a dramatic effect that can be immediately felt.

Book-1Jana's book is an autobiographical, self help, holistic healing book. It takes the reader on a journey into the world of frequency and energy and explains the process of imprinting water to heal deep traumas, core issues and emotional patterns for oneself.

Results are often instantaneous and the process can be achieved at home, in one’s own kitchen at any time! It is effective on everyone: children, adults and even pets. This opens up a whole new dimension for personal transformation and a very different perspective of the world!

This method was endorsed by the coordinator of research for The HeartMath™ Institute, Dr. Annette Deyie. We also discuss a  new healing essence Jana has created known as White Buffalo Bliss.

A signed copy of HeartFusion the book, may be purchased HERE.

Essence from the Sacred White Buffalo interview with Jana Shiloh part one.

Essence from the Sacred White Buffalo interview with Jana Shiloh part two.

To find out about all of Jana Shiloh's books, workshops, products and services, visit her website at http://www.healthrays.com/.

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