4/10/14 Tim Swartz The Malaysian FL370-TransHumanism Connection

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April 10th 7-8pm eastern standard time.
FarOutRadio Interviews Author and Investigative Researcher, Tim Swartz

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Our guest is conspiracy researcher, and author, Tim Swartz. Tim and Scott will discuss the possible connection between the missing Malaysian FL370 that had 20 employees of the company, Freescale Semiconductors onboard. Freescale Semiconductors has connections with the industrial-military complex. They specialize in cutting-edge, advanced microprocessors that measure 1.9mm x 2mm that have all sorts of applications. They can be easily injected into the human body and built into fly-sized, solar-powered drones. We are literally at the edge of TransHumanism becoming a reality?

Was the brain trust about FL370 onboard FL370 “The Prize”?

To read Scott’s article, “The Malaysian FL370-TransHumanism Connection –  Are We at the Doorstep of TransHumanism” with images and videos, CLICK HERE.

fly drone

Fly Sized Drone


Tim Swartz is a researcher and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer and has been tuned into this issue for nearly 20 years. The subject of secret governments, shadow governments, and hidden agendas is complex and has a history that goes back thousands of years. Scott and Tim always explore what is not obvious in everyday observations!

Tim's book “Evil Agenda of the Secret Government” and others are available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, HERE.

Sorting it all out, connecting the dots, and making sense of it all is not an easy or simple task but Tim has been at it for years!.

You can read Tim Swartz's articles at Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal website, HERE.

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