4/15/14 Dr. Larry Lytle on Health Benefits of QLaser’s Laser Therapy

Dr Larry LytleApril 15, 2014 – 7pm-to-8pm EST, our guest is…

Low Level Laser Therapy Expert, Dr. Larry Lytle
The Science Behind Low Level Laser Technology

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Our QLaser expert, Dr. Larry Lytle joins us for another amazing interview on the scientific approach to working with pain at the cellular level using low level laser therapy with his FDA safety approved QLaser device.

The science behind this amazing technology…

As you probably know, everything on earth that has mass is made up of atoms, which make up the cells, which make up the tissue, which make up the organs, which make entire systems – that includes all vertebrates, including humans. The health of all cells is based on cellular energy. If the cells don't receive enough energy, they will weaken and the organism will become sick. For you or any vertebrate to be healthy, the cells need exactly the right kind and the right amount of energy.

Every time you are injured or become sick, the energy flow to the cells is disrupted at the atom level. Atomic Healing™ restores that energy at the cell level. If the energy is not restored, sickness lingers longer and it will take longer for injuries to heal.

That's what a low level laser device does. It reenergizes the cells by delivering electrons back to the atoms that make up the cells. The Q1000 laser, whether it is labeled for veterinary use or human use, works the same way.

Imagine, being able to restore health and balance without the use of powerful, often toxic chemical compounds that in most cases have serious side effects. Imagine experiencing relief in a matter of minutes instead of weeks and months.

Dr. Lytle and I continue our discussion on the science behind this amazing technology.

If you visit Dr. Lytle’s website HERE, You can receive a his “Universal Healer” eBook for FREE

See the QLaser in action in the below video…

About Dr. Larry Lytle:

Perhaps no one knows more about the theory and practice of applying energetic light frequencies to halt pain and heal diseases than Dr. Larry Lytle, one of America’s pioneers in the research and development of cold laser light technology for medical applications. Delivered in a South Dakota prairie sod house by his father during the great depression, Dr Larry Lytle learned a valuable work ethic. The youngest of seven children, he developed an early need to learn and reach beyond what seemed possible, as well as an openness for better solutions , always keeping his "antenna up." He is a student among students– a teacher among teachers with several degrees—a keen mind with a passion to share his knowledge and wisdom to help others achieve greater happiness and better health. His life's goal is to "make a difference in humankind" and his book Healing Light will make a difference—one reader at a time—starting with you!

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