4.15.2013 Dr. Liz Severino, author of Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level


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Our gdr liz spiritualuest is author, talented intuitive and holistic healer, Dr. Elizabeth Severino. Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity, perfect for connecting to the divine for the spirituality and energy work she performs for her clients.  Dr. Liz consults with people from around the globe on matters of health, spirituality, life goals, and challenges, and she is also a well known animal communicator.

Our friend and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Dr Liz Severino has been trained in and successfully uses many alternative modalities to bring health and spiritual balance to her clients over the years. She has written two books on the subject of mind, body and spirit in relation to diet. In this program we discuss the topics covered in her " Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level '.

Are you eating for both physical and spiritual health? The thought never entered your mind? Read on….

These questions to you from Dr. Liz:

"  What if  … DIET means MORE than "just" the food we eat or don't eat, or beverages we drink or don't drink?

What if … "eating" holds much more possibility for us than "just" to satisfy nutritional needs?

What if … by creating the conditions for an appropriate "diet" in the broadest sense and by "eating" for MORE than physical nutrient needs, we could actually raise our spiritual level? "

Description of the book, "Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level":

diet to raise your spiritual level"Diet" of course always means more to Dr. Liz than the food we eat … it means everything we assimilate! And Dr. Liz has found that our "diet" is EXTREMELY important in all aspects of our lives! This book simply and concisely shares decades of personal experience, experimentation, observation and belief on what to assimilate and and how to assimilate it, to raise one's spiritual level of vibration while also ensuring vibrant physical health. This book also includes Dr. Liz's now famous "Criteria for Vibrant Health," originally introduced in an earlier book of hers, Vibrant Health: Spirit, Body, & Mind.

Join host Karen Teeters and guest Dr. Elizabeth Severino, holistic healer and intuitive to discuss the themes in "Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level".  The phone lines will be open to answer your questions about your health and this intriguing approach to eating for spiritual and physical health!!!!

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Liz’s Books & CDs, Available HERE.


“Stories From An Animal Communicator – 2-CD Set
“The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia” Book

“Breathing For Balance” – Audio CD

“Stories of transformation” – Dr. Liz co-authored this book (by invitation) along with giants Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Marie Diamond, Brian Tracy, Paul Sheele, Chunyi Lin, and others.

“Reiki The Healer’s Touch” – Book

“Diet To Raise Your Spiritual Level” – Book

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