4.17.2013 Dr. P. M. H. Atwater on Her Stunning Book, “Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story” Pt 2

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PMH AtwaterOur friend Dr. P. M. H. Atwater is back for Part 2 of our conversation about her book, “Near-Death Experiences – The Rest of the Story.” Dr. Atwater speaks from personal experience, having had THREE near-death experiences. On April 10, 2013 we laid the groundwork of Dr. Atwater’s research into the Near Death Experience based on her interviews with over 4,000 people.

It is the second half of the book that causes quite a stir in the NDE community. In the forward to the book, Dr. Atwater writes, “Everything pivots with chapter 16. It is there that we jump from the familiar to the unfamiliar, the type of material that recognizes that near-death states are not some type of anomaly, but rather, part of a larger genre of transformations of consciousness.”

This, is “the rest of the story” that we will explore. Another amazing conversation for you with the always fascinating and delightful, Dr. P. M. H. Atwater.

You can catch Part 1 of this conversation, HERE.

Dr. P. M. H. Atwater’s Website: http://pmhatwater.com

“Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose” – Available HERE.

“Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness” – Available HERE.

Dr. Atwater  was with us March 26, 2013 to talk about her book, “Children of the Fifth World.” Part 1 can be enjoyed, HERE.

And Part 2 of that conversation can be heard HERE.

Dr. PMH Atwater

P.M.H. Atwater’s website.

P.M.H. Atwater’s Wiki Page.

"Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose" is published by Hampton Roads. The paper and Kindle versions are available at  Amazon.com,

Dr. Atwater has authored numerous books, most of which are available, on this Amazon Page.

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