4.23.2013 Power of the Crystal Skulls – A Conversation With Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro

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Power of Crystal SkullsCrystal skulls have been around for thousands of years and have long been a source of mystery and fascination.  Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head are world travelers and authors of the book, “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers – Travel Log #2: Search For The Blue Skull In Peru.”  

Crystal skulls came into Joshua’s life in 1983 and quickly became his life’s passion. In the last 30 years he has written several books, authored dozens of articles, has given hundreds of presentations, and been on national and international radio and TV programs.

Joshua shares with us  his knowledge of the history of the crystal skulls and what we can do with them. Working with crystal skulls is easy. There are three types of crystal skulls. The modern manufactured crystal skulls made in Brazil and China. Then there are the “Old Crystal Skulls” that are between 100 and 1,000 years old. And finally, there are the “ANCIENT or VERY OLD Crystal Skulls.

Joshua shares his insights with us to make this a very “FAR OUT” conversation!


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