4.26.2013 Psychic, Author Maria D’Andrea on her book Secret Elixirs of Life, Gemstones


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Maria-D'Andrea-FB-72The always delightful Maria D’Andrea is with us this show! We talk about her fun book, “Secret Magical Elixirs Of Life.” on the benefits of gemstones in your life.The book is a guide to working with inexpensive semi precious gem stones and includes a bonus DVD.

These are the kinds of stones that are pretty to look at, can make you feel good, and are nice to have around.

Maria-Reading-RunesDifferent kinds of gem stones have different energetic qualities and purposes, such as: Telepathy; Strengthening The Aura; Attracting A Lover; Obtaining Money And Prosperity; Controlling The Weather; Magnifying Your Desires; Shedding All Worries And Anxieties, Protection From Negativity.

Maria offers Psychic Readings, classes at her D’Andrea Institute, Spirit Rainbow Healing, Business and Spiritual Life Coaching, and Public Speaking.

She has authored 10 books, (two of which are sold out), and has seven e-books. Maria has been on dozens of TV and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM (and now Far Out Radio), as well as Alexandria's Psychic Eye.

And Maria has her own weekly TV series, “The Spiritual World With Maria” that airs on Saturdays at 7pm eastern time on Channel 20 in Eastern Long Island, New York.

Maria D’Andrea was with us on March 11,2013 to talk about her life as a psychic and the ancient hidden arts of manifestation. You can enjoy that program, HERE.

You can review all of Maria’s services, books, e-books, YouTube videos, DVDS of her TV program, and more on her lovely website, HERE.

Book-CoverMaria’s book, “Secret Magical Elixirs Of Life” is available on Amazon, HERE.

And you can see Maria D’Andrea on her YouTube Channel, HERE.

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