4.4.13 Liz Severino, Animal Communicator & Wellness Coach-What to Feed Our Pets Today???

With pet food recalls so common, what’s “safe” to feed Fido and Felix?

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Liz Severino Animal CommunicatorIt’s time to spend some quality time with our animal communicator and healer friend, Dr. Liz Severino. In previous programs we focused on communication with our pet friends. And since they are in our care, we need to feed our pet friends so that they stay well and healthy.

But with serious pet food recalls becoming so common, how do we know that what we’re feeding out pets is good for them and safe? Based on Dr. Liz’s intuitive and biofeedback healing work with with animals, we’ll be talking about:

• How she tuned into this issue via her Cocker Spaniel dog friend, Tanaka.

• The first major pet food scandal in 2007 and what’s changed since then.

• How is it that SO MANY pet foods are being contaminated with salmonella, and what can pet owners do about it?

• What is “aflatoxin” and how does that happen.

* How concerned should pet owners truly be? Is “reading labels” enough? And what can pet owners do to keep their pet friends from getting sick from commercial pet food?

It will be another SPARKLING conversation with Dr. Liz.

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Liz’s Books & CDs, Available HERE.

“Stories From An Animal Communicator – 2-CD Set

“The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia” Book

“Breathing For Balance” – Audio CD

“Stories of transformation” – Dr. Liz co-authored this book (by invitation) along with giants Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Marie Diamond, Brian Tracy, Paul Sheele, Chunyi Lin, and others.

“Reiki The Healer’s Touch” – Book

“Diet To Raise Your Spiritual Level” – Book

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