4/10/15 Bob Frissel on: Ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid Initiation Rites Into The 4th Dimension


Author & metaphysical teacher, Bob Frissell talks about the Initiation into The Great Pyramid Egyptian Mystery School. On FarOutRadio with Scott Teeters
Bob Frissell is back with us this evening. This is Bob’s 15th visit with us and  its always a FAR OUT hour when Bob’s here. Last August Bob and I started a conversation about the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

And you can access our previous conversations about the Mystery Schools, as well as all of Bob’s previous visits by going to the Bob Frissell Playlist on our YouTube Channel.
The Ancient Egyptian Mystery School final initiation in The King's Chamber conversation continues. The Initiation came after 24 years of intense training. It seems that the 3 to 4 days spent in the sarcophagus with the lid on functioned like a modern day sensory deprivation chamber, with the difference being that the chamber in in perfect alignment with powerful cosmic energies. The point of the experience is to spend time in the 4th Dimension where thought creates reality, instantly!
The Great Pyramid is ANYTHING BUT a burial chamber for the ancient Kings. 
We also talked a little about the strange story of what happened to Napoleon Bonaparte when he spent the night in The King’s Chamber.  http://www.messagetoeagle.com/napoleonvisionpyramid.php#.VShnn5OznYg
Bob Frissell's book "Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are" is a metaphysical classic!
Bob Frissell and I will continue this conversation in the month of May 2015.
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