4/2/14 Activist Writer Heather Callaghan Exposes Health Industry Lies

Heather Callaghan Graphic

April 2nd 7-8pm eastern standard time.
FarOutRadio Interviews Food Freedom Activist and Investigative Reporter, Heather Callaghan.

Heather and Scott discuss
Many Eye Opening Methods of the Food Industry
Designed for profit and deceit rather than provide best health for your family.

Heather Callaghan covers so many topics that alert you to what is really going on with our food.

Recent headlines for her many articles mention topics such as GMOs for Breakfast, Paint Thinner in Cereal, Dying Bees, Expired Food Guidelines, Toxic Packaging and so much more when it comes to covering America's agri-business and the FDA. Way too often it is more about bucks than health. Listen in for another great interview with Heather.


About Heather Callaghan:

Heather is an investigative writer for online zines such as Activist Post and Waking Times. She is an activist for freedom, natural health, raw milk, real education, spiritual philosophies & empowerment. Heather also heads her own team of health and wellness writers over at NaturalBlaze.com. 
Check out her other interviews with us. Type Heather Callaghan in our search box.

You can keep up with Heather Callaghan’s work at, http://www.naturalblaze.com.

Enjoy recent FarOutRadio Columns by Heather, HERE.

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