4/30/14 Heather Callaghan, Food Freedom Activist-Toxic World Challenges

Heather Callaghan

April 30, 2014 – 7pm-to-8pm EST, our guest is…
Investigative Reporter and Food Freedom Activist
Heather Callaghan
Heather Reports on Food Freedoms & More.
GMOs, Vaccines, Pollution, Pesticides, Education. 

What can we do to raise our children in a healthy, non-toxic world?
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Food freedom activists are experienceing more and more success in efforts to be able to eat and grow safe foods, to breathe clean air, to be able to express themselves freely. Heather reports on these food freedom success stories and also gripping investigative reports where our health freedoms and more are still being challenged.

What can you do with your choices, your dollars to create a world free of toxic poisons?

About Heather Callaghan:

Heather is an investigative writer for online zines such as Activist Post and Waking Times. She is an activist for freedom, natural health, raw milk, real education, spiritual philosophies & empowerment. Heather also heads her own team of health and wellness writers over at NaturalBlaze.com. Check out her other interviews with us. Type Heather Callaghan in our search box. Heather is a regular guest on FarOutRadio as well as FarOutRadio Featured Columnnist.

You can keep up with Heather Callaghan’s work at, http://www.naturalblaze.com.

Enjoy recent FarOutRadio Columns by Heather, HERE.


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