5.06.13 Bob Browne, Computer Technology Expert – What Is “Cloud Computing”?

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Bob browne the cloudA few weeks ago I was in my local Apple store to get a new mouse. After making my purchase I spent some time looking at all the shiny new Macs. Of course, each display Mac had a series of screens that explains the device's features. After looking at several, I noticed a pattern. They were all talking about “The Cloud.”

Cloud Computing has been around for a long time, going all the way back to the original AOL platform where all of your communications were stored in your AOL account on their servers, aka, “The Cloud.” Like a ground-based cloud (fog) Cloud Computing has drifted around us and is so pervasive that like fish in water that don’t know they’re in water, we interact with The Cloud almost every day and don’t realize it.

When you look at the promotion screens on the new Macs, it looks as if The Cloud is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And it does indeed enable us to do amazing, far out things. But, what exactly is The Cloud? And by structuring a society so entrenched with The Cloud, are we more vulnerable than we realize?

Computer and internet technology expert, Bob Browne, owner of GDS Computer Services will be our guest for this program and the topic will be Cloud Computing. If you want to do anything of personal value, remember the old computer adage, “Back up, back up, BACK UP!”

Cloud_computingBob Browne was our guest on January 18, 2013 talking about blogging and the proliferation of WordPress as a cloud-based website platform, HERE.

Here’s a clip from a 1969 film about how computers will be used “In The Future.”

Here’s Arthur C. Clark e in 1974 talking about what life will be like in 2001 when everyone has a computer! VERY PROFOUND!

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Full Disclosure: Bob Browne  handles our hosting services and all technical concerns for our website design company, FreeSpiritDesignStudio.com. After we design and develop WordPress websites, his expertise helps all of our own websites and our client's websites run like a charm.

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