5.09.13 Hannah Crum, Natural Food Activist, Are GMOs okay, or are they FRANKENFOOD?

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Hannah Crum on GMOsOur guest tonight is author and educator, Hannah Crum, aka, “The Kombucha Momma.” Kombucha is an ancient health drink from the Far East and Northern Russia. Simply explained, it is fermented sweet tea. This wonderful beverage is easy to make, can be flavored in almost endless ways, and is loaded with probiotics. You can get your healthy probiotics and a tasty drink, in one glass.

Because of the health benefits of Kombucha, many that promote this health drink like Hannah are interested in other aspects of health. Hannah shares with us  that today there is no bigger threat to our overall health and well being than the grand experiment that is being thrust upon us WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, and that  threat is the existence of Genitically Modified Organisms.

GMOs started out as a scientific answer to solving the pesticide issue and improving crop yields. It has quickly become a nightmare. Are these foods safe to eat or very harmful?  Last year there was referendum in California to make food companies label foods that contain contain GMOs. The food and big agra industry threw millions of dollars into a disinfo campaign to create enough confusion so that the referendum was narrowly rejected.

Since then, laws have been passed and signed by the president that protect the makers of GMOs from any liabilities, meaning that if we get sick from eating their products, they’re not responsible.

2-Glass-Of-BoochAnd now, they have introduced GMO trees!

On May 25 there will be a world-wide protest called, “March Against Monsanto.” Hannah Crum has been following the GMO story for many years and will talk with us about this very important movement.

We all deserve to know if the food we eat is safe or not, and to be able to decide what to buy and what not to buy and to the root of the problem – should GMO crops and organisms be allowed on the planet?

Hannah Crum’s Website: HERE.

For information about the May 25th world wide March Against Monsanto, CLICK HERE.

4-Kombucha-BookKombucha Kamp YouTube Channel CLICK HERE.

You can get a FREE copy of Hannah Crumb’s “Secrets of Kombucha Tea” e-book by visiting her website and looking for the signup form on the top-right side of the website.

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