5.17.13 Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed Encore

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FB_Lerner-Stone-72It’s a Friday Night Car Show on Far Out Radio! We chat about James Dean’s Killer Porsche, NASCAR’s Fastest Monkey, Bonnie and Clyde’s Getaway Car AND MORE.Urban legends aren’t limited to stories about strange things happening at Lover’s Lane or hitchhikers that disappear AFTER they get into the back seat of a car. The automotive world has it’s share of doozies too!

  •  Were the parts from James Dean’s wrecked Porsche 550 Spyder truly cursed?
  •  Was one of the four Aston Martin DB5 James “007” Bond movie cars dumped in the ocean?
  •  Was a wealthy oil heiress really buried in her exotic Ferrari 330?
  •  Would the unusual batwinged-styled rear fenders of the ‘59 Chevy actually lift the back end of the car off the ground?
  •  Did a rocket-powered ‘64 Impala really do 350 MPH? Did someone really build a Ford Pinto that could fly?
  •  Was modern dancer icon Isadora Duncan indeed strangled when her shawl became entangled in the wheel of her lover’s Bugatti???

The answers to the above questions and MANY more are in the book! We discuss the authors' favorite stories!!

Preston Lerner and Matt Stone have dished up a heap’n help’n of FAR OUT car stories in their seriously fun book, “Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed.” Not all myths are false, and not all rumors are true. But even if you’re not into cars and enjoy a good story, this will be an evening that makes you go, “Hmmm…”

“Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed” is available at Motorbooks.com, HERE.

Meet the The Authors:
Matt Stone
(Glendale, CA), former executive editor of Motor Trend magazine, has been a professional automotive journalist and photographer since 1985. He has authored and photographed several books, including the best-selling My First Car, 365 Cars You Must Drive and McQueen’s Machines, all from Motorbooks.

Preston Lerner (Burbank, CA), a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine, has written about motorsports for publications ranging from Sports Illustrated to The New York Times. He’s the author of the race car marque history, Scarab, for Motorbooks and one novel, Fools on the Hill. He also club-races a Spec Miata and Nissan 240SX with the SCCA and NASA.



















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