Tracy Longshore & The World-Wide March Against Monsanto’ GMOs

The world-wide push back against Monsanto's GMO domination.

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Tracy-Longshore-FB-72Our guest, Tracy Longshore is a Mom. Herbalist and Natural Health Activist. That's today. Over twenty years ago she was a normal, healthy person who ate everything she wanted but things changed. She developed tremors and was given prescriptions that seemed to work yet produced unwanted side effects.

She researched, got herself well naturally and ten years ago she really got involved in alternative health and started studying. Today Tracy describes herself as anti pharmaceutical and pro herb for herself and her family. She will be certified as a professional herbalist soon. Tracy is most proud that her 8 year old daughter, Olivia has been raised on herbs and natural health approaches and is a happy, full of glowing health, child.

Tracy's commitment to the best health for her and her family has led her to the study of genetically modified organisms and the companies that promote these man made organisms. She explains the health downside of GMO's and why she got involved in the March Against Monsanto which takes place across the Globe Saturday May 25th. Click Here -> Monsanto March Website to get involved in this worthy, peaceful cause.

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