5.23.13 Xaviant Haze, Independent Researcher, Did Elvis Really Fake his Own Death?

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Elvis Our guest, independent historian, Xaviant Haze, takes a look back at the strange story of the "alleged" death of Elvis Presley and some startling facts that just DO NOT add up.

On August 16, 1977 the entire world was stunned by the news of the death of the King of Rock'n Roll, Elvis Presley. Although it was no secret that he was not in good health, he was only 42 years old.

His funeral was the very next day and was enormous! While some thought that was a little odd, most of us were just in shock, very sad, and didn't give it much attention.

But a few years later, stories began to circulate that all was not right with the official story, and that Elvis was very much alive. The short question would be, "Why would he have done that? After all, Elvis had everything."

Superficially, that would seem reasonable. But a deeper look into the life of Elvis Presley clearly shows that it wasn't necessarily "good to be the King."

By the late '80s the "Elvis is Alive" story was hot stuff. There was even a TV special with Elvis' actor friend, Bill Bixby. A boat load of compelling information was presented, but of course, without a real, provable Elvis, it's just a "story." But it's a story that refuses to go away. Xaviant Haze keyed into the story and pulled together the talking points in his fascinating essay, "Did Elvis Fake His Own Death? "

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Elvis Presley would be 78 years old if he was indeed still alive. Even a casual observer of Elvis' life would agree that his life was anything but "normal." Could Elvis really be alive and enjoying a "normal" life? I suppose anything is possible. But it all makes for fun conversation! – Scott

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